Note: Wetlands species are defined as those species which are suited for wetland conditions including saturated, inundated, or excessively wet sites that are periodically under these conditions. Wetlands generally include swamps, marshes, bogs, and similar areas.

U.S. Fish & Wildlife wetland species indicators
OBLObligateAlways (greater than 99%)
FACWFaculative wetlandUsually (67%-99%)
FACFaculativeSometimes (34%-66%)
FACUFaculative uplandSeldom (1%-33%)
UPLUplandNever (less than 1%)

Positive "+" and negative "-" symbols are used with the Faculative Indicator Catgories to more specifically define the regional frequency of ocurence in wetlands. The positive sign indicates a frequency toward the higher end of category (more frequently found in wetlands), and a negative sign indicates a frequency toward the lower end of the category (less frequently found in wetlands).

For UPS shipment, the following charges per unit will be added:

Per 10 Seedlings - $16.00
Per 100 Seedlings - $29.00

UPS shipments will be made once a week, beginning December 6, 2022 through March 28, 2023.

Shipments to N.C. Forest Service Distribution Centers will be made once a month, December thru mid-April. A charge of $8 per package/unit will be added to shipments sent to a N.C. Forest Service Distribution Center