Blackgum/Black Tupelo - Pollinator Friendly - Sold Out

Blackgum/Black Tupelo  - Pollinator Friendly - Sold Out
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Blackgum/Black Tupelo  - Pollinator Friendly - Sold Out
Price listed is for 100 seedlings.

BLACKGUM/BLACK TUPELO (Nyssa sylvatica) - Pollinator Friendly
Blackgum is also called black tupelo, pepperidge, sour gum, tupelo, tupelo-gum and gum tree. It is found from southwestern Maine west to New York, extreme southern Ontario, central Michigan, Illinois and central Missouri; and south to eastern Oklahoma, eastern Texas and southern Florida. Optimum development occurs on lower slopes and terraces in the southeastern United States on well drained, light textured soils. However, it has adapted to a wide variety of sites. It will survive, but with a slow growth rate, on dry upland locations. This species usually grows in mixed stands with hardwood and/or conifer species, but rarely in pure stands. This tree is of commercial value for both lumber production and paper pulp manufacturing. Its fruit is a source of food for many small animals and birds. This tree is usually one of the first to change leaf color in the fall, retaining a brilliant color until its leaves drop.